Rosario Falana*PL

Name: Rosario Falana*PL
Born: December 20, 2010
Age: 8 years and 9 months
Color: Black Tortie Blotched Tabby (MCO f 22)

Cattery - Falana*PL
Breeder - Anna Fal-Wdowicz
Pedigree - (PL)FPL LO 35399
Father - Ambre Amberajz*PL
Mother - CH Hawana Cień Tygrysa*PL

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HCM - Parents N/N  

Rosario - commonly called by us 'Raisin' is forever muttering cuddly, which is always the first to welcome all the guests home. Our best friend Aisha and Johnny's apple of the eye - our stud. Raisin almost does not seem sound, and if it sounds like "MIK";-). It has very good conformation, great profile and beautiful, dense fur. Thank you dear Ania for Rosario.









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Date Place Category Rating Judge
2011-10-09 Białystok PL 11 Ex2 Mrs. Daria Łukasik
2011-10-08 Białystok PL 11 Ex2 Mrs. Lesley Morgan-Blythe