IC Greta Sincowcoon*PL

Name: IC Greta Sincowcoon*PL
Born: December 06, 2011
Age: 7 years and 10 months
Color: Blue Tortie (MCO g)

Cattery - Sincowcoon*PL
Breeder - Izabela Sincow
Pedigree - MTMK-ICF LO 3757
Father - CH Xavier Beartooth Mountain*DE
- Perfidy Jastrzębiec*PL


FIV i FelV
- negativ
HCM - Parents N/N

Greta - Lady with the grace of a miraculous nature. It is huge, for his age, kitty (age 6 months weighing over 5 kg) on high legs. It has a very long and bushy tail and a beautiful big ears with large, expressive brushes and strong muzzle. She loves to chase the Jaś and very much to learn from him. There is also a faithful fan of football, the game sits in front of the TV and catch the ball rolling paws on the pitch. Greta greets all guests at the door, and then does not leave the step asking for a caress.
Thank you Iza


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Date Place Category Rating Judge
2015-10-18 Warszawa World Show (WCF) 5 CAGCIB, NOM BIS Karl-Heinz Knelangen
2015-10-17 Warszawa World Show (WCF) 7 CACIB T. Cernova, LV
2015-03-22 Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki (WCF) 7 CACIB E. Ruggiero, IT
2015-03-21 Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki (WCF) 7 CACIB, BOS, NOM BIS N. Rozkova, EE
2014-10-05 Warszawa (WCF) 11 Ex1, NOM BIS Donald Heyninck
2014-10-04 Warszawa (WCF) 11 Ex1, Mrs. Francoise Milcent, FR
Finished Champion title
2014-04-06 Warszawa (WCF) 9 Ex1, CAC Marga Kuda
2014-04-05 Warszawa (WCF) 9 Ex1, CAC Tomoko Vlach
2013-06-16 Warszawa (WCF) 9 Ex1, CAC M. Meister