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We are a beautiful breed Bialystok, pet Maine Coon cats. Our adventure with these cats started in June 2009 when we bought our first cat Basia. She came to us from Warsaw to the well-known breeding elbows, but soon decided to change the contract and make kitty Basi breeding.

Welcome to Basia

Long wondered what the race will be suitable for us, but we knew that the cat has to be big. In the end we found breeding Maine Coon cats in Warsaw, and there our Basia. Barbara came to us in early July when she was finished 3 months. Very quickly won our hearts and we immediately fell in love with her​​.


Joszko is our first event as the males. He came to us in September 2010 in Krakow. Only after a few days before we accepted the lone female presence. I was very fond of, and together having fun.

Our cats are treated like members of the
family. We provide them with everything
needs: nutritious cat Food,
cat treats, care products and toys.
We care about not combing it every day
(if necessary bathing) and playing with them.


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Maine Coon cattery



E-Mail: rodezjan13@wp.pl

Phone: 503919056

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